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Jonah Hill Talks 'Moneyball' Honours Buzz: 'It's Really Flattering'

Should you haven't seen "Moneyball" yet, here's some a spoiler for you personally: it is good. It is extremely, excellent. Not too a film originating from Oscar nominees Kaira Pitt and director Bennett Burns being excellent should strike anybody like a surprise, however the film's success does not relaxation positioned on their shoulders in lots of ways, "Moneyball" is Jonah Hill's homerun. Hill provides an against-type turn as Peter Brand, a specialist number-cruncher and stats analyst who involves work with Billy Beane (Pitt) because the assistant gm for that Concord Athletics. Not really a complete week after release, Hill's "Moneyball" performance has produced honours buzz, a notion that can take Hill themself completely unawares. "I'm not sure, I'm not sure," he told MTV News when requested how he feels concerning the buzz surrounding his performance. "I am just really happy with the film. Things like that's crazy whenever you hear someone request you that question legitimately." "It is flattering and awesome, however for me the entire experience continues to be wonderful and I am already as proud when i could be would I become up to have an award," he added. "I have never been up for just about any award during my existence ... really an MTV award [Best Comedy Performance and finest Newcomer noms for 'Superbad'], to ensure that had been exciting enough for me personally.Inch "I'm not sure," he ongoing. "Essentially it is simply a wild, insane question to become requested and also you don't fully realize things to say when someone asks you that type of question." Well, Jonah, time for you to start planning a solution come honours season, you will find there's feeling you will be fielding that question next day of next day of day. What have you think about Jonah Hill's "Moneyball" performance? Tell us within the comments section as well as on Twitter!

Monday, September 26, 2011

'X Factor' Contestant Chris Rene Becomes YouTube Sensation (Video)

Santa Cruz, Calif. trash collector Chris Rene has become a YouTube sensation because of his premiere episode performance around the X Factor.our editor recommends'The X Factor' Redux: 5 Afterthoughts around the Shows Premiere Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor' Premieres Less Than 'American Idol'Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor' Premieres Viewer Responses Mixed'The X Factor' Premiere: Simon Cowell Won Over by Youthful Rachel Crows Song, Emotional Backstory (Video) Related Subjects•The X Factor The recording of Rene singing their own composition "Youthful Homie" on Fox's new competition series has registered a lot more than 2.a million hits online up to now. PHOTOS: Behind the curtain: THR's 'X Factor' Cover Shoot Furthermore, the song has inspired several cover versions that have been published around the streaming video site too, including 15-year-old Forrest Burnham's version with piano accompaniment, and electric guitar takes by Nicole Christine Pedraza and Eric May Pantay. The nearly nine-minute video of Rene's performance includes a job interview with him by which he states, "I wish to be on stages, singing for individuals, earning moneyInch and "I'm completed with carrying trash, time for you to sing on stage and entertain America." PHOTOS: Fox's Year Television Shows: 'Terra Nova,' 'The X Factor' and much more Rene, who told idol judges Antonio "L.A." Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell he was 70 days sober, confesses to some drug-addicted past within the clip, "I had been smoking weed at 12, 13 consuming beer at 15, then [segued] to cocaine and methamphetamines. "I've this ailment known as addiction. The shame and also the guilt got in my experience. It broke me. There's always an opportunity there's always an option. Rather than not doing anything with myself, I would like my boy to determine me singing on stages because existence is simply too precious to alter.Inch PHOTOS: An 'American Idol' to 'X Factor' Timeline When requested exactly what the contest's prize money means for him, Rene responded, "This means the planet. Particularly this means stability for me personally and my boy, my loved ones.Inch The idol judges' responses to his performance were passionate overall. "Honey, I'm stumbling you. I'm able to't even describe your talent," stated Scherzinger. PHOTOS: The Hollywood Reporter Cover Tales "Sometimes with a few of the finest stylish-hop artists from Jay-Z to Kanye and every one of my boys, they'd are proud of me right now to tell you just how you're the truth," announced Reid. Cowell declared, "Always my personal favorite perspective of world happens when I sit within this chair and that i meet a star the very first time. Ad there's something in regards to you, things i like is the fact that you may require the show, maybe we want you." Related Subjects Nicole Scherzinger Paula Abdul Simon Cowell Antonio L.A. Reid The X Factor

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 Broke Women

Janet Behrs and Kat Dennings in "2 Broke Women" Shot in La by Warner Bros. Television. Executive producers, Michael Patrick King, Whitney Cummings producer, Tim Kaiser director, James Burrows authors, King, Cummings.Max Black - Kat Dennings Caroline Channing - Janet Behrs Earl - Garrett Morris Han Lee - Matthew Moy Oleg - Jonathan KiteTaking inventory of their assets and debits, "2 Broke Women" has appealing co-stars, a quite functional premise, considerable raunch, a good time-slot and something natural problem: While CBS has loved solid success using its Monday comedies, programs centered by female leads generally weren't included in this. Whether "Women" can reverse that trend remains to appear, and can possibly depend simply how handsomely the brand new-look "2 . 5 Males" does in keeping a crowd -- and propping in the entire evening -- beyond its inevitable initial hurry appealing. The Attention network has apparently obtained a coup by landing Kat Dennings as Max, a blunt, sexy, cash-strapped Manhattan waitress introduced putting a few grubby patrons within their place, telling one dude that nipping his fingers to demand service "dries up my vagina." In walks Caroline (Janet Behrs), the blond, leggy, Paris Hilton-like heiress to some fortune which has disappeared faster than you are able to say "Bernie Madoff." (From the programming perspective, because of the plot of "Damages" last season along with a similar wrinkle in ABC's "G.C.B.," the Madoff scandal is just about the narrative gift that continues giving.) Perky but impoverished, Caroline requires a job, which does not exactly provoke cartwheels from Max. Still, she requires a level of pity on her behalf, after grilling her by what it's enjoy being wealthy and also have a pony. The two will finish up living together, "Odd Couple" style, isn't uncertain. Still, producers Michael Patrick King ("Sex and also the City") and Whitney Cummings (whose prospects looks substantially better here compared to her new NBC sitcom) -- assisted through the sure hands of pilot maestro James Burrows -- still have the ability to have some fun getting there. "My dear God, you had been conned!" Caroline shouts upon her first peek at Max's sparsely furnished apartment. Past the well-cast leads -- with Dennings taking pleasure in the meatier role but Behrs holding her very own -- the show differentiates itself when you are nearly as dirty as "Males," although from the female perspective, with many different lascivious sighing concerning the chiseled abs of the guy Max is dating. Additionally, there are broad (otherwise especially strong) comic relief, including "Saturday Evening Live" original Garrett Morris and Matthew Moy because the diner's owner. Not too naughtiness alone is going to be enough to secure "Girls'?" future where it counts, or alone result in the show seem like among the boys. Still, if the promising half-hour finally pops up short on Nielsen's balance sheet, it will not be because of a deficit of one's or charm.Camera, Gary Baum production designer, Glenda Rovello editor, Peter Chakos casting, Julie Ashton. 30 MIN. Contact John Lowry at

Exclusive: Sense Trailer

Everything's gone GreenThe finish around the globe gets more difficult about the giant screen. Within the past it always involved a large old asteroid, some rogue aliens with wanderlust and a lot of rayguns, or possibly a immune system becoming self-aware and releasing a bajillion nukes. Should you be Roland Emmerich's laptop, it had been most likely the 3. Nowadays we have got entire planets heading our way (Melancholia), global epidemics breaking out (Contagion) or even the type of mystery virus Ewan McGregor and Avoi Eco-friendly have to face within this new trailer for Sense. We are presuming the 'perfect sense' part pertains to the flourishing, tender bond that evolves between your pair - her, an investigation researcher him a chef - since the occasions unfolding around them look firmly fileable within the 'abnormal' basket. Seriously, who hits a wall having a bike wheel? It's a measure from shoe tossing. Director David Mackenzie, who's double-barrelling his romances having a different type of love story, You Rather, now, has set to explore the idea of affection inside a deeply uncertain world. Whether it seems like 4 weeks Later reimagined by Mills & Boon, that'd do it a injustice. About this evidence, McGregor and Eco-friendly generate enough chemistry to steer us with the tumult. . The bald eagle-eyed among additionally, you will have spotted a Trainspotting reunion inside, with McGregor's old mucker Ewen Bremner appearing as his new mucker within their restaurant kitchen. Click below for a closer inspection in the new quad poster (no Spud incorporated). . Sense has gone out on October 7.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson, Gerald McRaney Saddle Up for 'Django Unchained'

Quentin Tarantino is finally fleshing out his cast for 'Django Unchained,' his "Southern" about a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) who teams with a German bounty hunter (Christophe Waltz) to retrieve his long-lost love from an evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). Variety reports that Samuel L. Jackson has officially come on board after months of rumors to take the role of the plantation owner's right-hand man, while Gerald McRaney ('The A-Team') will also join the cast as another evildoer. McRaney, one of the stars of HBO's 'Deadwood,' most likely will play "Big Daddy" Bennett, a racist slave owner who is the first major hurdle Schultze and Django must overcome on their quest, according to The Playlist. Also in the cast is Kevin Costner as another of Candie's henchmen. This is the fifth teaming of Jackson and Tarantino after 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Jackie Brown,' 'Kill Bill' and 'Inglourious Basterds.' Tarantino is shooting for a November start, with an anticipated release date of Dec. 25, 2012, via The Weinstein Company. [via Variety]

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Universal Wins 'Bruno' Suit Over Lady Hurt in Bingo Hall

Universal Pictures Score another win for Sacha Baron Cohen in the courtroom. A California Appeals Court has agreed getting a lesser court the altercation by Cohen inside a bingo parlor through the filming in the 2009 comedy Bruno was protected free speech. Cohen, NBC Universal, together with other production companies on Bruno were punished this past year by Richelle Olson and her husband after allegedly being uncovered with a confrontation that brought to injuries plus a "brain bleed." Following a suit was filed, Universal struck back immediately getting instructions to Olson, proclaiming that recorded footage in the "altercation" shown no assault happened. The studio's lawyers threatened the Olsons with punishment once they thought we would persist with aa "demonstrably and ludicrously false complaint." It seems like Universal was indeed serious and it will have the Olsons to pay back to create claims concerning the eve in the Bruno release. The incident in mind happened on May 24, 2007 at Olson's bingo hall. Cohen, becoming "Bruno," was requested as much as the amount to on-site go to the amounts. The film crew was present, and all of the senior citizens guests in had signed a "Standard Consent Agreement" being shot for just about any "documentary-style film." Universal published 28 minutes of unedited footage showing what went lower. With different footnote inside the latest appeals court decision: "After Cohen referred to as Bingo number 36, based on him that "36" was age his former husband or boyfriend. Later, when he calls the Number Three, according to him that his former partner's birthday was "May 3." When he later calls the amount 59, he remarks that 59 was the quantity of his accommodation he continued to be in when he met his former partner, together with a few momemts later when he announces number 42, Cohen offers that "42 inches was his partner's chest size. Finally, after Cohen announces the total amount 7, he comments he met his partner on "This summer time 7." Many people in the audience might be heard laughing after each comment." The scene never came out inside the final film, that's bad, because possibly it had what might of been the film's best line. As Cohen ongoing making comments, Olson increased being alarmed within the vulgarity and concerned for your other Bingo players. So she approached happens area and told Cohen to avoid. Cohen asks why they can't continue and why she's being so rude, and Olsonresponds by polling everyone else whether they wanted him or Olson to follow along with the amount-calling. Everyone else chose Olson. As security authorities escorted Cohen and also the crew for the exit, Richelle Olson introduced for the audience: "I will not have anybody produce a mockery from the bingo hall." Later, Olson left transpires with calm herself lower, where, sobbing uncontrollably, she lost awareness, striking her mind into the concrete floor. Paramedics needed her away, and he or she states she was recognized with two brain will bleed and has existed a mobility device and master since. STORY: Another 'Bruno' Suit Claims Riot at Gay Marriage Rally The suit commenced. After Olson filed her suit, Universal responded by getting an anti-SLAPP motion to strike Olsen's claims, proclaiming that Cohen's behavior reaches furtherance of free speech. First, a smaller court, now, an appeals court, confirms the comedian's actions within the bingo hall were protected with the First Amendment. With different choice on Monday: "Cohen's verbal exchange with Richelle Olson on stage aided in Cohen's effort to get a reaction from Richelle Olson adopted video for subsequent used in the film. Consequently this is an indistinguishable part of the constitutionally protected significant conduct of making the film.Inch To become qualified for any constitutional protection, the studio also required to demonstrate there's a public problem or interest associated with Cohen's speech. Universal submit arguments that Cohen's behavior inside the bingo hall were "intended make use of a satirical perspective on homosexuality, and gay culture by, among other activities, eliciting homophobic reactions from people with whom Bruno interacted inside the movie." The appeals court states this argument is convincing. The victory not only suggests that Universal works well in throwing the suit, but furthermore to obtain Olson to fork over money due to its legal costs. The appeals court has furthermore confirmed the studio's motion to recoup it's attorney costs. Universal makes good on its threat. Meanwhile, Cohen continues his streak of beating back the various law suits that have been tossed his way from people with his trademark comedy. E-mail: Twitter: @eriqgardner Universal Pictures

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fresnadillo Nabs Highlander

Another reboot for the director.... The spinning roulette wheel that is the job of directing Summit Entertainment's planned remake of Highlander just began pointing to yet another new possibility, as Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is now the company's top choice to take on the gig. Highlander's directing job has been vacant for about a month now, ever since Justin Lin dropped out to focus on the next Fast & Furious instalment and the approximately 500 other projects he has in development. This assignment will represent the second high profile remake Fresnadillo's attached to, since he's already locked in to make The Crow for Relativity Media. That one's still looking for a star, since Bradley Cooper decided to fly away from the lead last month. This new Highlander's even less ready to shoot, since all it has right now is a script that has been through the keyboards of Iron Man duo Art Macum and Matt Holloway, with a polish by Twilight veteran Melissa Rosenberg. In case you've never seen the original Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery film, the plot finds various immortal warriors locked in a titanic struggle to claim power by beheading all their opponents. From the sounds of it, the remake is having that effect on anyone who becomes attached to it too...

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Mel Gibson Hearts Maccabees

Making biopic of Judean revolutionaryTo say it hasn't been the most glorious few years for Mel Gibson would be an understatement. The Beaver was shunted around the release schedule like a furry-tailed puck at an ice hockey match, eventually seeing the light of day but very few actual cinemagoers. Then there was the whole anti-Semitism thing, a scandal that looked likely to sink his career for good. He's addressing it, albeit obliquely, with his next project, a biopic of Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee. Maccabee was the leader of a Jewish rebellion against the Greeks and Syrians in the 2nd century BC. Cast all thoughts of the Peoples' Front of Judea or the Judean People's Front from your mind, though. Judah was one seriously badass dude who did a lot more fighting than semantic squabbling. In fact, he got so biblical on the Seleucid Empire that he managed to storm Jerusalem, restore worship to its Temple and have a big holiday, Hanukkah, dedicated to him. Not bad going for the humble son of a priest. No decision has been made yet on whether Gibson will direct the movie, or on timings. According to Deadline, the production pairs him with '80s thriller scribbler Joe Eszterhas, writer of such box-office beasts as Jagged Edge and Basic Instinct. Eszterhas will write the script with some input from Gibson, while the Oscar-winning actor/director will produce for Warner Bros. via his Icon Productions company. So is this the beginning of Mel's long road to redemption? Tell us your thoughts below.

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Watch Oliver Stone Cameo in Son's Horror Trailer

I’ll always remember Sean Stone because the youthful, freckle-faced Jim Morrison through whom the soul from the bloody dead kerbside Indian passed in the father Oliver Stone’s epic The Doorways. However Stone fils is developed and making sketchily created films of their own for his father to look in. Click through to look into the triple Oscar-champion’s cameo within the trailer for Stone’s narrative feature debut Graystone (no pun intended… I believe?), and hang in there for additional Buzz Break. [STYD via Quiet Earth] · Talking about fathers and sons, the Santa Barbara Worldwide Film Festival will give 2012’s Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence to the one and only… Michael Douglas. Riggggedddd! [Pr release] · Hollywood win-win during the day: “The La Unified School District received $695,028 in revenue from movies shot on its qualities in This summer and August, a 44% increase within the same period last summer time. […] To date this season, LAUSD schools have collected $1.46 million in film revenue, up from $1.two million this year.” [LAT] · We’re a bit more than 24 hrs from the National football league’s regular-season kickoff. Shout your preferred Jerry Maguire line in the recognition. [BuzzSugar] · And here you’ll discover the charming story from the guy who broke into Celine Dion’s Quebec home, raided the fridge and came a shower prior to being apprehended through the police. Nobody was hurt, so you can recognize him because the folk hero he's. [The Lost Boy]

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Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin Monday NY Jets QB Mark Sanchezs Game Is On!

By Terri MacLeodNEW You are able to., N.Y. -- I never exercise, jokes New You are able to Jet Mark Sanchez to Healthy Hollywood. The hotshot quarterback teases his oh-so fine physique is natural no sweat needed! I might not know a great deal about football, but I do think Marks upkeep on his well developed tush takes a lot more than good genes. After being tight on his greatest workout secret, Sanchez finally fessed up strengthening his core is essential. Its a lengthy season, you are taking lots of hits and when youre strong inside your core, the middle part of the body, your general body usually feels very good. Healthy Hollywood got the chance to hold having a couple of from the gamers in the NY Titans and NY Jets in a recent event honoring the naming of MetLife Stadium, which hosts the 2 National football league teams. Using the kickoff from the National football league season now, plenty of people have football about the brain, so Healthy Hollywood did its better to scour the big event roster and discover some workout secrets from Sanchez along with a couple of from the other gamers. NY Giant Eli Manning concurs together with his on-area rival, Sanchez, and states for QBs its by pointing out core. You aren't so worried about getting more powerful and larger, just maintaining, remaining healthy and ensuring you are able to try taking some hits. For NY Jet David Harris, its about cardio. Lots of cardio, running about the treadmill, accumulating the hillsides, be on the bike, you need to do something to obtain your heartbeat up. Harris, who confesses to letting on his hardcore exercise routine throughout the off-season, states once he suits up he will take off the additional pounds fast. [I start] the right diet and prevent doing a few things i shouldnt do. I remain in shape, I'd demonstrate my abs, but nah, teases NY Jet Darrelle Revis, who adds, I truly do not get too in poor condition, I am talking about following the season you want to capture a few days on relaxation the body following a lengthy season, but you need to get back in it. Revis is large on healthy meals not hearty guy-main courses, eat pasta, eat veggies, stay hydrated I am talking about just simple nutrition that you'll require. I'm not keen on a fitness center, states NY Giant Antrel Rolle, who discloses to Healthy Hollywood, Basically exercised, I'd end up like 230 pounds at this time, however i perform a large amount of running. Like a defensive linebacker your primary factor would be to remain in shape you need to perform a large amount of running with individuals fast devices. For the rumor football gamers like to do yoga, Rolle states, I attempted it and that i quit after 2 days. Real football gamers do Bikram yoga a minimum of thats the term from Revis. Heres to some great season of football! Catch all of the action once the National football league season begins this Thursday. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All privileges reserved.These components might not be released, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Week in Review: Nice Trip, Summer -- See You Next Fall

With a whimper (and some killer sharks and space madness), the summer movie season drew to a close this week. Which is why we were looking to the future here at Movieline with our Fall Preview guide, chock full of first looks and predictions for the coming months! As you head into your long holiday weekend, take a moment to look back on our week spent looking forward to an action-packed fall movie season! We prepped you for Fall’s most promising action stars, popcorn movies, female-oriented flicks, book adaptations, Oscar contenders, film festivals, surprising performances, the most anticipated films of the season courtesy of Stephanie Zacharek and special guest Diablo Cody. Whew! Stephanie, by the way, is currently across the globe sending us postcards from the Venice Film Festival. Yay, Clooney! Groan, Madge. R.I.P. Summer Movie Season and bon voyage to one of our own. Don Cheadle is Captain Planet, bitches! He’s our hero. Movieline had the Worst Movie EVER! beat on lock. Many thanks to our Movieline Interviewees Seth Rogen and Will Reiser and Nicolas Winding Refn, and a toast to the bright futures of our Fall Verge designees Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt, and Elizabeth Olsen. Los Angelenos and Ryan Gosling obsessives: You’ll need this interactive map to plan your Drive-themed tour of Los Angeles. Finally! This is what Ron Perlman in dreadlocks, Josh Hartnett as a cowboy, and grown men partying their way to certain doom look like.