Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 Broke Women

Janet Behrs and Kat Dennings in "2 Broke Women" Shot in La by Warner Bros. Television. Executive producers, Michael Patrick King, Whitney Cummings producer, Tim Kaiser director, James Burrows authors, King, Cummings.Max Black - Kat Dennings Caroline Channing - Janet Behrs Earl - Garrett Morris Han Lee - Matthew Moy Oleg - Jonathan KiteTaking inventory of their assets and debits, "2 Broke Women" has appealing co-stars, a quite functional premise, considerable raunch, a good time-slot and something natural problem: While CBS has loved solid success using its Monday comedies, programs centered by female leads generally weren't included in this. Whether "Women" can reverse that trend remains to appear, and can possibly depend simply how handsomely the brand new-look "2 . 5 Males" does in keeping a crowd -- and propping in the entire evening -- beyond its inevitable initial hurry appealing. The Attention network has apparently obtained a coup by landing Kat Dennings as Max, a blunt, sexy, cash-strapped Manhattan waitress introduced putting a few grubby patrons within their place, telling one dude that nipping his fingers to demand service "dries up my vagina." In walks Caroline (Janet Behrs), the blond, leggy, Paris Hilton-like heiress to some fortune which has disappeared faster than you are able to say "Bernie Madoff." (From the programming perspective, because of the plot of "Damages" last season along with a similar wrinkle in ABC's "G.C.B.," the Madoff scandal is just about the narrative gift that continues giving.) Perky but impoverished, Caroline requires a job, which does not exactly provoke cartwheels from Max. Still, she requires a level of pity on her behalf, after grilling her by what it's enjoy being wealthy and also have a pony. The two will finish up living together, "Odd Couple" style, isn't uncertain. Still, producers Michael Patrick King ("Sex and also the City") and Whitney Cummings (whose prospects looks substantially better here compared to her new NBC sitcom) -- assisted through the sure hands of pilot maestro James Burrows -- still have the ability to have some fun getting there. "My dear God, you had been conned!" Caroline shouts upon her first peek at Max's sparsely furnished apartment. Past the well-cast leads -- with Dennings taking pleasure in the meatier role but Behrs holding her very own -- the show differentiates itself when you are nearly as dirty as "Males," although from the female perspective, with many different lascivious sighing concerning the chiseled abs of the guy Max is dating. Additionally, there are broad (otherwise especially strong) comic relief, including "Saturday Evening Live" original Garrett Morris and Matthew Moy because the diner's owner. Not too naughtiness alone is going to be enough to secure "Girls'?" future where it counts, or alone result in the show seem like among the boys. Still, if the promising half-hour finally pops up short on Nielsen's balance sheet, it will not be because of a deficit of one's or charm.Camera, Gary Baum production designer, Glenda Rovello editor, Peter Chakos casting, Julie Ashton. 30 MIN. Contact John Lowry at

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