Monday, October 31, 2011

Taylor, Madsen board 'Sprawl'

Jennifer Taylor ("two and a half Males") and Michael Madsen have grew to become an associate of Nicole Fox to star inside the indie teen drama "Sprawl," produced by Trick Candle Prods. and Ronalds Brothers and sisters Prods. Also joining the cast are Luke Eberl, Danielle Morrow, August Emerson and Lauren Mayhew. A lot of the film continues to be shot in downtown La. Dean Ronalds ("Netherbeast Incorporated") is pointing in the script by Domenic Migliore that provides a glimpse to the information on the outcast teenage girl who handles deep-sitting issues by cutting on herself. Producers are Tom Malloy from Trick Candle Prods. and John Ronalds from Ronalds Brothers and sisters. Contact Dork McNary at

Cheers & Jeers: Once Upon a Time's Bad Reflection

Giancarlo Esposito Jeers to Once Upon a Time for trapping Giancarlo Esposito in a one-dimensional role.Want more Cheers & Jeers? Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine.The dazzlingly versatile actor deserves an Emmy for his quietly riveting work as drug kingpin Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad. So what is he doing on ABC's featherweight fantasy as the Magic Mirror on evil queen Lana Parilla's wall (and a toadying reporter named Sidney in the alternate universe of Storybrooke, Maine)?One can only hope future installments of Once Upon a Time give Esposito more to do than the handful of throwaway scenes he had in his first episode. If not, this is one grim fairy tale that will never have a happy ending.Do you think Once Upon a Time should've thought twice before casting Giancarlo Esposito in such a silly part?Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bernie Madoff Defends $60 Billion Ponzi Plan to ABC News' Barbara Walters (Video)

Charged ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff defends swindling his traders of vast amounts of dollars within an interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters that broadcast on Hello America Thursday.our editor recommends'60 Minutes': Ponzi Plan Perpetrator Bernie Madoff and Wife Attempted SuicideBernie Madoff Whistleblower Makes Standing Ovation at Toronto Screening "I realize why clients hate me," he stated. "The gravy train has ended. I'm able to accept that." PHOTOS: Probably The Most Spoken-About TV News Faces But, "an average joe thinks I conned widows and orphans. I made wealthy people wealthy," he added. The worst factor about his 150-year prison sentence, being offered in the Federal Correction Complex at Butler, N.C., is "not seeing my loved ones and knowing they hate me. I tricked them." His wife Ruth, "requested me to allow her go, that we understood," states Madoff. Ruth lately stated on an hour that they attempted suicide together with her husband following the ponzi plan was revealed. VIDEO: Bernie Madoff's Daughter-in-Law Talks Out "Ruth not interacting may be the toughest factor," he continued. "Ruth doesn't hate me. She's no-one. It's not fair to her. She lost her first boy. ... She's a passionate wife and didn't worry about the cash.Inch When requested what he'd tell his grandfather, Madoff states, "I'm sorry to possess triggered them discomfort." Walters -- who sitting with Madoff for 2 hrs on March. 14 to conduct the job interview -- notes he didn't have apparent emotion when he earned that statement. Madoff states he makes about $170 per month doing various prison jobs. He passes time by reading through and lately finished a magazine about Wall Street thief barons. VIDEO: Bernie Madoff's Daughter-in-law Discloses She'd 'Spit in the Face' Throughout ཐ/20' Interview "Personally i think safer here than outdoors," Madoff stated. "Days pass. I've people to speak to with no choices to create. ... I understand which i will die imprisonment. I resided the final two decades of my existence in fear. Now I don't worry -- absolutely nothing to consider because I'm no more in charge of my very own existence." He confesses he is affected with "terrible bad dreams." Stephanie Mack, Mark Madoff's widow, lately launched a magazine about her very own ordeal, The Finish of Normal: A Wife's Anguish, A Widow's New Existence. Within an interview with ABC News' Chris Cuomo that broadcast a week ago on 20/20, Mack stated that her late husband had formerly unsuccessfully attempted suicide by ingesting 60 anti-anxiety and sleeping pills. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Related Subjects Barbara Walters Hello America

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The 15 Worst Movie Mistakes ever

The combined arrange for 'Titanic,' 'Matrix Reloaded' and 'Ocean's 11' involves nearly half-billion dollars. Sadly, no matter the amount of money you toss in a movie, there's certain that need considering a few mistakes. Sometimes production people accidentally show on screen or objects which were not over evening randomly display within the next. You'd think these moments would finish up taken proper care of inside an editing suite throughout publish-production, but that doesn't always happen. Meaning a few things if you're the filmmaker: the error can get plastered on screens nationwide, and you also finish tabs on a Moviefone publish titled the 15 Worst Mistakes Available. (A sizable due to, who furthermore to helping us using this publish, have a very database full of, well, mistakes created in movies.) The 15 Worst Movie Mistakes ever 'Pirates in the Caribbean''Spider-Guy''Ocean's 11''Speed''Star Wars''Titanic''The Return in the King''Jurassic Park''Pulp Fiction''The Matrix Reloaded''Raiders in the Lost Ark''Harry Potter'''Goonies''Gladiator''Raiders in the Lost Ark' See All Moviefone Galleries » [Photos:] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Paradise (Notre paradis)

An Alfama Films release, presentation and production, in association with Rhone-Alpes Cinema, with the participation of Clap Filmes. Produced by Paulo Branco. Directed, written by Gael Morel.With: Stephane Rideau, Dimitri Durdaine, Beatrice Dalle, Didier Flamand, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Raymonde Bronsten, Malik Issolah, Mathis Morisset.Johns get a little more than the petite mort they ordered from an aging hustler in "Our Paradise," from wildly uneven Gallic actor-turned-director Gael Morel ("Three Dancing Slaves," "Apres lui"). Plodding drama about a murderous rentboy past his prime doesn't seem to have more than one thing at a time on the brain, and often not even that; it's never clear, for example, whether the man's much-lamented advanced age -- we're talking mid-30s -- is somehow related to his violent compulsions. Promise of a subtitled sexy time should nonetheless put some butts in seats at queer fests. Colleagues tell the not-unattractive, in-search-of-work Vassili (Morel regular Stephane Rideau) that they have clients younger than he is. A professional collaboration with a young, angelic co-worker (Dimitri Durdaine) only sometimes does the trick and becomes more complicated when the two fall in love. Nonsensical subplots, involving not only murder but also a fag-hag acquaintance (Beatrice Dalle) and her kid son (Mathis Morisset), further dilute interest, though frequent full frontals might keep not-too-demanding auds hooked. "My Own Private Idaho," this isn't, however, with the just-average tech package delivering neither the grit nor the lyricism intended.Camera (color, HD), Nicolas Dixmier; editor, Catherine Schwartz; music, Camille Rocailleux; production designer, Ze Branco; costume designer, Helena Goncalves. Reviewed at Pathe Cordeliers, Lyon, France, Oct. 6, 2011. Running time: 97 MIN. Contact Boyd van Hoeij at

TLC's Achieve to Mix 100 Million Houses Worldwide In A Few Days

NY -- Cable network giant Discovery Communications' Discovery Systems Worldwide unit will by November. 2 exceed its year-finish target of having TLC into 100 million homes abroad.our editor suggests TLC Orders 'High Stakes Sweepers' Special'Little People, Large World' Returns to TLC With 4 New Special offers (Exclusive)'NY Ink' Acquired by TLC for Second Season TLC launches in Finland and Portugal the following month carrying out a rollout in Africa, Denmark and Latin America. TLC will be accessible in nearly 170 marketplaces, which makes it probably the most broadly distributed female-specific entertainment and lifestyle funnel brand in pay TV, the organization stated. Overseas, the network provides a mixture of worldwide TLC hits, for example Cake Boss and Sister Spouses, and original worldwide series, for example My Naked Secret, Don't Tell The Bride To Be and cash around the Menu, created by DNI¹s in-house production and development unit. The network will achieve a lot more than 100 million homes worldwide and 200 million worldwide, stated Mark Hollinger, leader and Boss, Discovery Systems Worldwide. "TLC's brand strength and programming diversity has turned into a effective complement towards the Discovery Funnel brand -- and also the strong rankings produced by both TLC programming in the U . s . States and original series produced by DNI's production team happen to be bringing in loyal audiences in multiple marketplaces all over the world,Inch he added. TLC will launch in Finland on November. 1 as well as in Portugal each day later. In Latin America, Discovery Travel & Living will end up Travel & Living Funnel (TLC) by November. 1 and become open to audiences in 38 nations in the area. Earlier this year, TLC released in 46 nations across Africa via distribution partner Multichoice, the greatest pay TV operator in sub-Saharan Africa. TLC also released in Denmark on March. 6 to at least one million homes. TLC now ranks as the main worldwide travel and lifestyle funnel in Asia Off-shore and also the top lifestyle funnel in Belgium within the key women 25-49 demographic. Related Subjects Worldwide Discovery Funnel Discovery Communications TLC 1 2 next last

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Harry Potter' Documentary, Daniel Radcliffe's 'Woman In Black' Trailers Arrive

Today brings a double dose of Daniel Radcliffe goodness, starting with a brand new trailer for the "Harry Potter" star's next movie, "The Woman in Black." The Woman In Black TrailerGet More: The Woman In Black Trailer No, you're not imagining things there was an all-new "Woman in Black" trailer that debuted last week. But with the thriller's release just months away now, things are heating up on the "Black" front, hence the second new trailer, which debuted during Spike TV's Scream Awards last night (October 18). If you're a Radcliffe fan, I don't think you're complaining right now. The latest material for "Woman in Black" shows off some freaky stuff alongside what looks to be excellent character work on Radcliffe's part. I think it goes without saying that the Boy Who Lived is not in Hogwarts anymore. Speaking of the wizarding world, a new four-minute trailer for the "Harry Potter" documentary, titled "When Harry Left Hogwarts," has arrived online. Shot during the filming of the two-part "Deathly Hallows" conclusion, "When Harry Left Hogwarts" chronicles the final leg of the "Potter" franchise's decade-long journey on the big screen. The 48-minute documentary is attached to the upcoming "Deathly Hallows Part 2" DVD, available in stores on November 11, 2011. Watch the trailer for the "Potter" documentary right over here. And for further "Woman in Black" goodness, click here to see Entertainment Weekly's exclusive motion poster. Tell us what you think of the new "Woman in Black" and "When Harry Left Hogwarts" trailers in the comments section, or hit us up on Twitter!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Susan Sarandon: The Pope Is a Nazi

Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon is in hot water after calling Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi, Newsday reports. At the Hamptons Film Festival over the weekend, Sarandon discussed her 1995 film Dead Man Walking, based Sister Helen Prejean's anti-death penalty book, a copy of which the Oscar-winning actress sent to the Pope. Check out the rest of today's news "[I sent the book to] the last one, not this Nazi one we have now," Sarandon said of Pope Benedict XVI, who is known to have been enlisted in the Hitler Youth while growing up in Germany. Interviewer Bob Balaban chided the actress for her remark, which she then reportedly repeated. The Catholic League is now sounding off against the actress, calling her remark "obscene." "Susan Sarandon's ignorance is willful: those who have hatred in their veins are not interested in the truth," said Catholic League President Bill Donohue in a statement. "The fact is that Joseph Ratzinger (the Pope) was conscripted at the age of 14 into the Hitler Youth, along with every other young German boy. Unlike most of the other teenagers, Ratzinger refused to go to meetings, bringing economic hardship to his family. Moreover, unlike most of the others, he deserted at the first opportunity." What do you think of Sarandon's comment?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Phone Hacker Arrested

It looks like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis can rest easy -- until another celebrity phone hacker enters their lives. According to the AP, the FBI arrested a Florida man on Wednesday morning and on charges that he hacked into the emails and phones of several celebrities, including Johansson. The actress was embarrassed last month when photos of her in various stages of undress appeared online. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller confirmed the arrest, but wouldn't go into details. A source told the AP that the man was the apparent celeb hacker. The FBI has scheduled a news conference about the arrest for 1 p.m. PDT on Wednesday. [via Huffington Post] [Photo: Getty] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook RELATED

Discovery And News Corp Flunk Research Firms Governance Tests

It’s unsurprising to determine that News Corp was among 10 companies given an “F” grade by corporate research firm GMI Ratingsfor management or accounting practices that may make sure they are dangerous bets for traders. But Discovery Communications — a Wall Street darling?The GMI Risk List, out today, jams the cable funnel owner for getting”a complex system of share classes and director associations” that provide”two principal investors disproportionate treatments for the organization.”GMI adds that Discoverys compensation practices “do not hold professionals to stringent performance standards.” What’s more, you will find “a quantity of concerns about expense recognition and the standard from the balance sheet, including high amounts of goodwill and debt.” Discovery’s stock has risen about 200% during the last 3 years — an issue Fortune reported recently in naming it among the “fastest growing companies” — even though it’s off 2.6% this year. For News Corp, GMI notes that although there is a “short-term investment impact” in This summer when theNews Around The Globe phone hacking scandal burst in to the open “the companys share cost has rebounded to the stage it loved prior to the scandal broke.” But News Corp’s “poor governance led to the recent problems, and will continue to put traders interests in danger.” Regardless of the resignation of large names including News Worldwide Boss Rebekah Brooks and Dow Johnson chief L'ensemble des Hinton — in addition to some changes around the board — “there is nothing indication that the standard from the companys governance is enhancing.”For example, GMI notes that “the companys analysis in to the phone-hacking scandal has been brought by company directors with strong ties to the organization and also the Murdoch family.” During the last couple of days investor advisoryfirmsInstitutional Investor Services and Glass Lewis made similar criticisms of News Corp, which the organization intensely declined.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NYU fund honours three pic projects

Readers from the Chris Columbus/Richard Vague film fund are Nicholas Brennan (second from left), Alexandra Gordon and Chloe Zhao. Venture capitalist Vague reaches far left Tisch alum Columbus is third in the right. The Kanbar Institute of Film, TV & New Media at NYU's Tisch School from the Arts has selected three readers of their 2011 Chris Columbus/Richard Vague Film Production Fund. Tisch students Nicholas Brennan, Alexandra "Sasha" Gordon and Chloe Zhao will get an overall total of $225,000 to create docu "Hard Rock Havana," "It Needed to be You" and "Lee," correspondingly. The winning three were among a large number of students to submit scripts for that award. After passing with the first stages, runners up needed to pitch and discuss their ideas -- such as the feasibility and budget from the projects -- having a group that incorporated "The AssistanceInch producer and Tisch alum Chris Columbus and venture capitalist Richard Vague. "We needed to consider whether these kids could really get these films made," Columbus told Variety. "50 percent of it's the script and 50% is, 'Do you've got a realistic budget?'?" Brennan's "Havana" follows Cuban heavy-metal band Zeus while Gordon's "You" centers around a NY jingle author on the road to self-discovery. Zhao's "Lee" informs the storyline of the daring Lakota boy around the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Columbus/Vague honours support Kanbar's recent alumni and thesis students in the grad and undergrad programs by supplying financing for his or her first features. Those who win include Andrew MacLean and Dee Rees, who used their honours to create "Around the Ice" and "Pariah," which tested at Sundance this season. Focus will release "Pariah" in December. Contact Rachel Abrams at

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Horror Movie Icon David Hess Dies at 69

Horror movie fans will probably be saddened to know that legendary grindhouse star, David Hess has died. The actor's official facebook page was up-to-date today getting an email from his children reading through through: "It's with great sadness that individuals have mentioned our last goodbyes towards the beloved father and friend to all or any. David died silently last evening. The Mad Hessian endures in the household, pals, and all of his devoted fans. Sing a sound lesson in celebration of his existence." Hess accomplished film prestige with a generation of scare-people along with his debut performance in Wes Craven's questionable 1972 slasher 'The Last House round the Left.' The actor's performance as Krug, an unrepentant serial killer leading a gang of crazies by having an idyllic small town, shocked audiences along with his intense depiction of on-screen violence. (Craven re-used the "Krug" status for his other questionable bad-guy "Freddy Krueger.") Furthermore to starring in 'Last House round the Left,' Hess also composed and sang the movie's soundtrack right before acting, he'd produced a effective music career inside the 50s and 60s just like a songwriter for artists different from Elvis to Pat Boone and was sooner or later, your brain from the&R at Mercury Records. After his infamous acting debut, Hess ongoing to use between film and music, but it's his horror movie resume that fans best remember. After 'Last House,' he carried out the slasher star again in 'The House round the Side of the Park' that film also horrified audiences a great deal, it absolutely was rejected with the British Board of Film Classification (a censored version was eventually released inside the Uk in 2002). He then re-teamed with Craven to see the villain inside the comic thriller 'Swamp Factor.' His latest acting appearance was just like a murderous representative at night time comedy slasher 'Smash Cut,' alongside adult film star Sasha Grey. David Hess was 69. To learn more about his acting debut, see the Most Banned Horror Movies ever. Most likely Probably The Most Banned Horror Movies ever 'A Serbian Film' (2010)'Freaks' (1932)'Hostel' (2005) and 'Hostel: Part II' (2007)'Salo, or perhaps the 4 several weeks of Sodom' (1976)'Last House round the Left' (1972)'The Evil Dead' (1981)'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1974)'I Spit inside your Grave' (1978)'Cannibal Holocaust' (1980) See All Moviefone Galleries » (Top image because of

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New Tintin Trailer Live

Another clue to Secret In The UnicornHot round the heels of yesterday's War Equine trailer, today brings from it a completely new take a look at TheAdventures Of Tintin:The Important Thing In The Unicorn, Steven Spielberg's other approaching offering based on Herge's forever popular quantity of books. So when the dial yesterday was switched to "emotional", that certain ramps it entirely to "action".So there's a little snippet of two sailing ships fighting round the sea, cannons blazing, however we costly toward a bit more modern occasions, and discover boy reporter Tintin (Jamie Bell) and also the dog Snowy recouping a concept with a sunken ship's location, just before engaging in some dangerous adventure and falling together with Captain Haddock (AndySerkis). Signal rocket launchers together with a novel approach to travel about by motorbike.The Adventures Of Tintin:The Important Thing In The Unicorn is going on October 26. Hey!That's this month already!We're nearly there!

New Academy Museum Could Feature Oscar on its Historic Facade

Double size and half the fundraising event burden.our editor recommendsMotion Picture Academy Takes Answer to Create Museum in Former May Co. Department StoreInside the Oscar Museum's Past Troubles and Uncertain Future People will be the rough metrics in the Academy of motion Picture Arts and Sciences' plan to open a museum inside the former May Co. building round the La County Museum of Art campus -- instead of inside a Hollywood property that the business made the decision to create a $400 million project. The museum could open within three years -- plus it may even come with an picture of Oscar etched round the building's distinctive gold cylinder. It may be operated by AMPAS within extended-term lease agreement with LACMA, according to Academy leader Tom Sherak, who spoke while using Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. "The fact we don't have this in L.A. -- home of the film -- we must change that," he mentioned. STORY:Inside the Oscar Museum's Past Troubles and Uncertain Future The Academy's board of governors on Tuesday evening grew to become an associate of the LACMA options by tallying to sign a memorandum of understanding to use in good belief to find out a movie museum inside the 300,000-square-ft former mall building, that's situated at 6067 Wilshire Blvd. round the western side of the LACMA campus inside the Miracle Mile district. The memo makes way for your two organizations to talk about the following contract as well as the Academy, which produces the large the majority of its revenue in purchasing broadcast rights for the Oscars show,to develop fundraising event plans. But several questions remain: Sherak did not offer specifics round the terms or entire lease the Academy would sign with LACMA, except to convey, "I won't be around if this lease is finished.In . Even though he did not divulge the thought cost from the project -- that may take as extended as five years to complete -- Sherak mentioned AMPAS "will just raise half of that which you needed to boostInch for your now-scuttled Hollywood museum development on Vine Street. "We are beginning the fundraising event campaign now which determines how rapidly this building increases," mentioned Academy Boss Beginning Hudson. AMPAS would retain autonomy total areas of the museum, while based on LACMA's understanding of museum management and construction, Hudson mentioned. The first sort mall, built-within the Streamline Moderne style, opened up up in 1939 LACMA acquired it in 1994 and re-referred to it as LACMA West. The May Co. structure is famous for that gold cylinder that comprises a few of their facade, that's been designated historic with the city's Cultural Heritage Commission. LACMA Boss Michael Govan mentioned that there's been discussions regarding the potential for integrating the legendary Oscar statuette into the round part of the building's facade. "It absolutely was just screaming being an Oscar," mentioned Govan, adding that might be techniques to change that part of the building "that could be consistent with its historic designation." In line with the La Conservancy, the city's Office of Historic Assets would review any recommended changes for the cylinder. STORY: Film Academy Takes Answer to Create Museum in Former May Co. Mall Despite its new direction, the Academy still expects to spread out exhibition space within the Vine Street property it once imagined as home of a movie museum, though its extended-term plans for your property are unclear. "The primary one factor we won't do -- the Academy will not do as well as the board will not ensure it is accomplished -- we won't abandon this website,In . Sherak mentioned. Nevertheless the new LACMA plan marks a substantial alternation in AMPAS' previous movie museum efforts which is a blow to Hollywood stakeholders who had wanted a movie museum would help in the continuing revitalization in the area. The Academy had extended planned to create a 144,000-square-ft development on Hollywood property it began acquiring in 2005 in the expense up to $50 million. French architect Christian p Portzamparcdesigned a sleek, modern edifice, but merely before a considerable fundraising event campaign may have begun, the project was derailed with the economic collapse that began in serious in fall 2008. The 3.5-acre site, that's situated across from ArcLight Cinemas on Vine, has sitting vacant for several years in August area stakeholders told THR it had become an eyesore. Sherak mentioned the Academystill expects to produce an exhibit space inside the structures to start and there is been discussion about hosting periodic outdoors tests. The Academy has began razing some structures and washing the home, that's alongside its Pickford Center for Film Study. "I'm glad to look for the museum is continue which AMPAS is firmly dedicated to buying and selling in and developing its Hollywood property near Sunset [Boulevard] and Vine. The entertainment industry has extended been necessary to our local economy and carried out a considerable role inside our global culture," La City Council Leader Eric Garcetti mentioned. "AMPAS' new assets will celebrate that background go to existence for future decades." But Sherak mentioned he wasn't sure how a property might be used once the movie museum opens, though he suggested that potential features for instance an outdoors theater could remain getting used once the museum opens. "Why would that needs to disappear to maintain it? It need not disappear. So there are many planning that needs to be done," he mentioned. STORY: Beginning Hudson: Job as Academy Boss Offers 'Global Platform' on her behalf Adoration for Film Sherak mentioned that discussions with LACMA began informally in spring 2010, and were initially headed by former Academy leader Sid Ganis, who met with Govan and spoken about the requirement of an AMPAS museum. "We spoken about how precisely sad it absolutely was this had less than attracted itself together yet," Govan mentioned. Talks increased being worse once Hudson was named the completely new Boss in the Academy in April. Sherak mentioned that inside a June 1 AMPAS board of governors meeting, Hudson, former mind of Film Independent, homed in round the potential project. "Without warning it absolutely was being an arrow for the bull's-eye. Next factor I realize, Michael and he or she were speaking which we stood a committee develop,Inch Sherak mentioned. The LACMA campus remains substantially transformed through the final half-decade by using two new structures. In 2008, the museum opened up in the Broad Contemporary Art Museum and a year ago the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion put open its entrance doors. Incorporated inside a 3-phase plan, the May Co. building wound up being to will also be refurbished. However, Govan mentioned that Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plan to build the Westside Subway Extension, which might add a go to a corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, triggered LACMA to re-think its plan. "We paused and mentioned, 'that is an extremely important building plus it ought to have something fantastic within it,AInch Govan mentioned. "It should be a destination within it of itself. This could become again, since it was, most likely the favourite structures in La. We are very happy to move our plans around along with other spaces." The objective museum might be probably the most effective signal so far that LACMA needs to boost its connections for the movie business. Taken LACMA introduced it might reboot its film-screening program this fall. It's produced a partnership with Film Independent, the crowd behind the Spirit Honours as well as the La Film Festival, and contains hired film critic Elvis Mitchell as curator. STORY: Academy Taps Beginning Hudson, Ric Robertson to switch Bruce Davis "LACMA is certainly an eclectic museum with many different collections in a number of different areas -- film seems as being a slam dunk," mentioned Terry Semel, co-chair in the LACMA board of trustees and former chairman of Warner Bros. The museum's board now features a slew of entertainment business players, including Willow Bay, John Grazer, Michael Lynton, Carole Bayer Sager, Barbra Streisand and Steve Tisch. And also on Monday it absolutely was introduced that CAA partner Bryan Lourd is joining the 64-member board. Also, in September, LACMA introduced that it's inaugural Art + Film Gala -- slated being held November. 5 -- will recognition Clint Eastwood and conceptual artist John Baldessari. The gala is meant only to boost funds to assist LACMA's "initiative to produce film more central for the museum's curatorial programming," the museum mentioned in the news release. Email: Twitter: @DanielNMiller Related Subjects AMPAS LACMA

Sunday, October 2, 2011

'Chinatown' trumpeter dies at 90

Uan Rasey, who played trumpet solos in hundreds of films from "An American in Paris" to "Chinatown," died of complications from a heart ailment Monday, Sept. 26, at Kaiser Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif. He was 90.Rasey was widely considered one of the finest musicians in Hollywood history, working over the years in radio, films, television and recordings. His playing can also be heard in such classics as "Singin' in the Rain," "Gigi," "West Side Story," "Spartacus," "Ben-Hur," "How the West Was Won," "Cleopatra" and "My Fair Lady."Rasey was born in Glasgow, Mont., and began playing the trumpet at age 7. At 9 he was struck by polio, which left him without the use of his legs and on crutches for the rest of his life. His family moved in 1937 to Los Angeles, where he began playing professionally with such band leaders as Sonny Dunham, Ozzie Nelson and Alvino Rey.During the 1940s he performed on many radio shows including "Your Hit Parade," "The Telephone Hour," "The Voice of Firestone," "Lux Radio Theater," "The Jack Benny Program" and his favorite, "Kraft Music Hall" with Bing Crosby, with arrangements by fellow trumpeter Billy May.In 1949 Rasey joined the MGM studio orchestra and played primarily for MGM until 1974, although he also played at all the other studios. His many TV-show credits included "M Squad," "Bonanza," "Lost in Space," "Lassie" and "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."According to some estimates, he played on as many as 3,000 film and television shows in his career, which lasted until around 1990. Rasey's jazzy trumpet in Jerry Goldsmith's 1974 "Chinatown" score was perhaps his best-known performance; later films included "Taxi Driver," "High Anxiety" and "Pennies From Heaven."Rasey also performed on many albums in the 1950s and '60s, including those of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Mel Torme, Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Judy Garland and the Monkees.He began teaching in later years; his pupils included Arturo Sandoval and Jack Sheldon. In 2009, he was honored by the International Trumpet Guild and the Recording Musicians Assn.Rasey's wife of 57 years, Margaret, died in 2008. Survivors include three children and three grandchildren. A memorial will be scheduled for a later date. Contact the Variety newsroom at

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