Tuesday, January 31, 2012

VIDEO: Watch Kristen Bell Have a Sloth-Induced Meltdown

Kristen Bell, The Ellen Show Kristen Bell's 31st birthday was a dream come true - even though she spent part of it crying.Here's the thing: The House of Lies star loves sloths - she Googles baby sloths multiple times a week. So for her birthday last July, fiancé and Parenthood starDax Shepard decided to surprise her with a real, live sloth. But before he even brought the creature in, Bell sensed its presence and did what any sloth aficionado does during such a momentous event: have an emotional meltdown.Check out photos of Kristen Bell"I was sitting on my bed, knowing that my sloth is here, and I start to have a full-fledged panic attack," Bell told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Tuesday. "I don't know how to compete with all this emotion, so I just kind of crawl up on the bed and I'm crying so hard. Dax knocks on the door and he has a video camera and he's like, 'Surprise! I want you to come out into the ... are you all right?!' And he sees me basically fetal on the bed."Because words do not do it justice, Bell shared the footage of her hysterical breakdown: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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