Monday, February 6, 2012

First Wreck-It Rob Photos Online

Disney's new gaming' toonLast August, Disney used its D23 convention event to unveil an earlier take a look at its large animated expect the entire year (a minumum of one not created by Pixar), Wreck-It Rob. And today, thanks to French site CineHeroes, we are getting our start looking at imagery in the movie, which you should check out within the gallery below.The hero from the story is Rob (voiced by John C Reilly) who's really the villain of his gaming. But he's tired of just being the man who ruins structures, just for perfect, player-controlled hero Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer) in the future along and cleanup, winning friendship and plaudits on the way.Rob decides that there has to be more to existence, which he wants a go at as being a hero, then when a contemporary, first-person shooter game is set up in his arcade, Rob jumps at the opportunity to win some respect. But he wrecks my way through the brand new game, run by tough Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) and sets loose a harmful new enemy that intends every pixel around him. He'll have to utilize a troublemaking character from the kid-friendly racing game (Sarah Silverman) to try and put things before the while arcade shuts lower...Rob PicturesFrom what we should saw, Wreck-It Rob might be a gaming reference-littered delight, a knowing, loving tweak on 8-bit nostalgia and much more modern, bloodthirsty photographers.The film arrives on December 26.

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