Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Tintin Trailer Live

Another clue to Secret In The UnicornHot round the heels of yesterday's War Equine trailer, today brings from it a completely new take a look at TheAdventures Of Tintin:The Important Thing In The Unicorn, Steven Spielberg's other approaching offering based on Herge's forever popular quantity of books. So when the dial yesterday was switched to "emotional", that certain ramps it entirely to "action".So there's a little snippet of two sailing ships fighting round the sea, cannons blazing, however we costly toward a bit more modern occasions, and discover boy reporter Tintin (Jamie Bell) and also the dog Snowy recouping a concept with a sunken ship's location, just before engaging in some dangerous adventure and falling together with Captain Haddock (AndySerkis). Signal rocket launchers together with a novel approach to travel about by motorbike.The Adventures Of Tintin:The Important Thing In The Unicorn is going on October 26. Hey!That's this month already!We're nearly there!

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