Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Country songs about this:?

I have this guy in my life, and we've dated twice already, for about 2
months total, and then he broke up with me for someone else, and even
though that person burned him, after a while we each got a new
boyfriend/girlfriend. But he realized that he still loves me, and no
one can take my spot. And I realized the same thing about him. So, we
broke up with our boyfriend and girlfriend, and in a couple of days we
are going to go back out. (3rd times the charm, hopefully)
Is there any country songs that fit this situation?
He's told me a couple that he feels fit the situation:
Everytime I Hear Your Name-Keith Anderson (This is the one that made
him realize he still loved me, and the one that made him tell me about
his feelings)
Come Back Song- Darius Rucker
She's Everything- Brad Paisley

I want to find one that I can tell HIM to listen to, so he knows I
feel the same way. Because so far, I haven't been as caring, even
though I am.
Please help! Thanks :)

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