Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Brief History of Helen Mirren Slumming

Dame Helen Mirren is an Academy Award winner, a Royal Shakespeare Company alumnus and was honored by the Order of the British Empire (hence the Dame). These things give you the ability to do pretty much anything you want with your career, like, for instance, make a vocal cameo on an episode of 'Glee.' Yes, according to TVLine, Mirren's voice will appear on the hit Fox program, January 17. Some -- sorry, Gleeks -- may consider this a step down for such an esteemed actress; in a way, it is. This woman did win an Academy Award for playing the Queen of England! However, where there's smoke there's fire: Dame Helen has a history of acting in a variety of odd (and, sometimes, outright bad) movies. On that note, Moviefone presents to you A Brief History of Helen Mirren Slumming. 'Arthur': Someone at Warner Bros. thought it would be a good idea to put Russell Brand in a remake of the Dudley Moore classic. Apparently, so did Mirren, who played Arthur's nanny -- a role that won John Gielgud an Oscar in 1981. Spoiler: Mirren won't repeat that feat, but she did get to bathe a naked Brand in a bathtub. Classy. 'RED': The Dame fires an automatic weapon. But, hey, the movie was nominated for a Golden Globe! 'Inkheart': Helen Mirren starred in a movie alongside Brendan Fraser. Here was Brendan Fraser's reaction to that news. 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets': Mirren plays the role of Emily Appleton, the mother of Nic Cage's Ben Gates. (She got in the cage!) Did we mention this was the first thing Mirren did after 'The Queen'? 'Teaching Mrs. Tingle': Remember this movie? Katie Holmes, Jeffrey Tambor, Molly Ringwald -- what a cast! Mirren plays the awful Mrs. Tingle, who spends the movie making Katie Holmes's life a nightmare. Eh, on second thought, we're OK with this one. [Photo: Getty] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook

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