Friday, December 9, 2011

VIDEO: Artist Star Jean Dujardin Sights Uggie For Golden Globes

If you do initial vexation from both director Michel Hazanavicius and star Jean Dujardin in regards to the Artist’s question dog Uggie invoice discounting in this particular year’s honours conversation, the duo seems being warming very progressively towards the concept people liking Uggie is useful for the film. “When people your dog is a superb actor, it will make me happy,” Hazanavicius mentioned within the latest interview. “I go just like a compliment personally as well as the trainer.” Fair enough! As well as for Dujardin? How about prime positioning round the Golden Globes’ Site adoring his canine castmate? OK, so there’s exactly the same type of caveat about Uggie just wanting sausages within the finish throughout your day. But seriously: Everyone wants sausages within the finish throughout your day. I’ll take mine without mustard. Having a beer. It is the finish throughout your day, right? [via @goldenglobes]

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