Friday, July 1, 2011

American Idol or Glee? Which do you prefer?

I used to love American Idol before they screwed up the judging panel
in Season 8. However, I have recently quit watching the show and now
watch Glee in its place for the following reasons:

1) I have tried out for American Idol TWICE and not gotten past the
producers rounds. And it is very obvious that the show is fake and
rigged and almost impossible to get on there, unless you have "stage
presence" and an amazing voice, or are delusional and a terrible
singer, and sometimes even THOSE won't guarantee you a spot on the

2) The last 4 winners were all white males: David Cook (i still think
David Archuleta shoulda won! lol), Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Scotty

3) I can watch Glee every season and my favorites NEVER get voted off!
:D Plus it's a WHOLE lot funnier! :D

4) While Idol is fake and rigged, and even though alot of things that
Sue Sylvester does in the school would actually get her fired in real
life (lol), alot of the things that happen to the characters on Glee
are actually based on real-life events, like when Kurt sang "Defying
Gravity" because in real life, Chris Colfer actually wanted to sing
that song at his school, but they wouldn't let him. And most of the
other cast claims that Lea Michele really is super bossy and conceited
in real life, just like her Character Rachel.

I actually started watching American Idol in Season 5, then watched it
all the way through Season 9, and when S9 was going on, I didn't watch
Glee back then. I knew what it was, but i was still more of an
Idol-ite. lol It wasn't until this past October that one of my friends
turned me onto Glee, and I instantly became captivated with it, so I
decided to buy the complete first Season. In time, I soon became a
complete and total Gleek (and i love it!) :D And while American Idol's
ratings are higher than Glee's, I think Glee is a much better show and
I think American Idol is getting old and overrated and needs to be
cancelled. Plus i watched one episode of The Voice: SO much better
than Idol..

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