Friday, July 1, 2011

Watched a SciFi movie the other day on my tv and i want the name of it...?

(if you see any spelling or grammatical mistakes forgive me, not
everyone using the internet is an American)

Well..the movie starts on a distant planet.
The race there (they all look like humans) is around 1000 years more
advanced than us...they go from planet to planet killing its
inhabitants with a weapon like a nuclear missile or something...Then
they inhabit the planet and go on and on with killing ...

When they talk they don't speak english, and their letters look much
like chinese ...

Anyway, one day, one of the soldiers (now i cant remember if he
traveled through time or something went wrong with his warp thingie),
went off from that planet (which was inhabited by some sort of huge
beasts), alone in his ship, and he didn't know one of the beasts
survived and was stuck in one of the areas in the ship...something
went wrong and he crashed his ship...
guess where: EARTH!
- but the main thing is, it was earth somewhere around medieval the beast ran away and the guy survived...he has devices
that encrypt the language of the natives and teach him that same
languages - in a matter of the beast starts looting the
villages killing everyone bla bla and what not...he joins the battle
against the beast in some medieval fortress and gives the humans a
piece of his ship so they can build a proper weapon against the beast
( he lost his gun so they are all using hand weapons) ...

after a lot of interesting things happening, he calls for extraction ,
but stays in love with one of the human females, and he took her to
his ship, she didnt want to go so he decided to stay, pressed the
button to call off the pickup and stayed on earth...Btw...when she saw
the light on the sky (it was the evac ship) she asked him if he was
god or something...

Thats all i can remember but if someone knows what movie this is,
please tell me!!! :D Oh and the movie uses really really good visual
effects, they can be compared to 2012 movie, so its a movie that has
been done recently...

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