Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bryan Cranston in talks to join crime thriller Gangster Squad

*And today in Bryan Cranston casting news – the ever-popular
former _Malcolm In The Middle_ actor is in talks to join Sean
Penn’s _Gangster Squad_.*

Cranston is riding one seriously high wave of popularity at the
moment. Just yesterday he was in negotiations to join Ben
Affleck’s third film _Argo_.

Now he’s in talks for a lead role in period crime thriller
_Gangster Squad_, which has _Zombieland_ director Ruben Fleischer at
the helm.

_Gangster Squad_ centres on the LA police department and its fight
against crime in the 1940s. Cranston would play Max, a Texas-hailing
cop with great ambitions.

Cranston’s numerous other projects include _Larry Crowne_,
_Contagion_ and _Drive_ this year, while his 2012 slate features _Rock
Of Age_s, _Total Recall_, _John Carter_ and _Argo_.

If there was an award for 'actor with the most movie projects
currently in production', you can bet Cranston would be the one to win




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