Monday, July 4, 2011

any ides on how to get rid of drama in my life?

there is a ton of drama in my life.
-people making up rumors and lies and framing me for them
-people threatning me
-starting a bunch of crap about me
-saying im racist
-saying im so mean that im causing people to think about commiting
suicide and harassing people
and so much more. Now mind you, i only talk to the people that are
nice to me, and that are my friends. But people still spread all this
stuff about me and its getting down to the point were i have had like
5 or 6 cops show up at my door because they called the cops saying
that im harassing/bullying them. How do i get rid of all the drama in
my life? ive been told i get one more warning and i go to jail for 90+
days, and they will not stop calling the police! Just, please give me
ideas on how to get rid of it? Because ive tried like everything, and
people dont believe me because of the rumors and lies people are
framing me for.

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